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Manali is a major tourist destination in Himachal, North India for Indian & western Holidaymakers. Manali is famous as “Honeymoon Destination among Indian tourists & Western tourists visit Manali for trekking and leisure trips in Himalayas as it has become a hub for multi adventure activities and specialised trekking with gateways to Spiti & Leh Region.

Manali is a magnet, attracting many tourists from all over the world. Over the years, Manali has come up as a major tourist destination for Indian holiday makers. It has been popularized as a “honeymoon destination” for newly weds. The Manali Himalayas lure foreigners who get attracted by culturally distinctive hill people & scenic treks this part of Himalaya offers.

Manali has mythological importance as it is the home of sage Manu. Manu is the mythological deity who is supposed to have survived when the world was drowned in flood. He then came to Manali and recreated human life. Thus, the area of Manali is sacred and Hindus treat the temples over here as pilgrimage.

Manali is not just a tourist destination for fun, its a place for people to have a glimpse into nature and search beyond the mighty Himalayas for something spiritual and extraordinary. The rare flora and fauna of this region along with its mysticism has remarkably created interests for many people worldwide.

Most Visited Place in the Past Years.

  • Jogni Fall is An Incredible Watter Fall. Where you Breath Can Stop Breating While Looking That Stunning Water Fall and Awesome View From Waterfall It Just One Hour Walking Distance From Hotel..Large no of Foreign and Indian Tourist Visit That Place,Most Worth Place to Visit for Nature Lovers,and Photographers..A hotel Provide You Full Day guide to as well to Escourt You.
  • Sacred to the Vashisht Village protective goddess, who is said to reside inside the rushing waters of the beautiful falls.
  • Below the falls there is a small shrine, almost unnoticeable but important. Below that is a Main Shrine (small temple) said to be more recent.
  • “The Jogini waterfalls are basically the sacred bathing place for “Joginis” who are believed to be the unwed daughters of Lord Indra. It is on the first of Baisakh that the locals bring their children for their first tonsure here above the Vashisht village”.
  • “The Jogini waterfall is near Vashisht village. Every day a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visit it and the Jogini temple. The villagers from the valley visit and perform their rites at the temple and till date follow the custom of serving food in plates made of stone
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