Vashisht Temple

Across the Beas river about 3.2 km away from the Manali bus stand at an altitude of 1,982 meters (6,200 ft.), above the Manali-Kelyong road and down below the temple are the hot sulphur spring, named as Vashisth, endowed with great healing powers. Nearby is a pyramidal stone temple dedicated to Vashisth Muni (Sage).

Inside it, there is a black stone statue of the Rishi Vashishtha, clad in dhoti,cap & a white shawl on the shoulder. The temple is also famous for its hot sulphur springs. According to legend, Lakshmana who visited this ashram of Vashishta found that his guru had to go far off for his bath.So, he created one spring here. Legend has it that Rishi Vashishta felt most hurt and sad when he learnt that all his sons were killed by Sage Viswamitra.

Vashishtha Rishi Temple was built by the King Janamjaya in memory of Raja Parikshit, his father. It was built in Pahari style.This temple is dedicated to a Sage Vashishtha.
Vashisht temple is built in a traditional style with lots of intricate wood carvings and the hot water having medicinal value. Vashisht village is considered an important place by the Hindus in India.

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